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Transformation Coaching

Relieve stress, learn to self regulate, learn to live with authentic intention, re-frame your self-talk, transform hidden limited thinking, reconnect with yourself on a deeper somatic level.

I am committed to working with people who are ready to take their health and well-being into their own hands and fully commit to themselves.

I bring my clients through a powerful process of coaching, guiding them into a deeper connection and understanding of themselves, their limiting belief systems, understanding where and what blocks they have, and gain clarity of their deeper life desires that may feel unattainable to them at this moment. I aid my clients into easy doable action steps to progressively lead themselves to personal empowerment and success.

This is for the person ready to fully commit to themselves in a bigger way than they ever have before, ready to commit to doing the inner and outer work, and are ready for personal empowerment and a truly transformational experience.

Transformation Coaching


30 min. - $60 plus HST

45 min. - $80 plus HST

60  min. - $90 plus HST



Due to the new protocols as we slowly reopen 30 min. options will not be available for online booking due to my very limited appointment availability. Any 30 min. options will be available directly through me only, and will be limited.

Transformation Coaching

& Massage Combo

I also offer a powerful blended session of body work with coaching. Melding the releasing of stress and tension in the physical tissues of the body with the empowering, re-tuning and re-integration of body mind connection work with coaching. This combination is for individuals who are seeking physical soft tissue work and a personal transformation journey bringing themselves into long lasting change and improvement of there current and future lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally.

90 min. includes a 60 min, massage followed by 30 min. of Transformation Coaching.

120 min. includes a 90 min. massage followed by 30 min. of Transformation Coaching, or less massage more coaching as per clients customization.



90 min. - $145 plus HST

120 min. - $190 plus HST


self booking available in online



90 min. & 120 min. options must be booked with me directly as my online calendar defaults to 60 min. time slots.

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" The distance between your Dreams and Reality is called Action."


"Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your Words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny..."

~Tao Lzu~