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Sound Meditation

Video Call

It is time to nurture yourself with some sacred sound healing!

Tell me of what ails you and allow me to guide you through a gentle meditation where you can find a deeper connection to the voice inside you that has a vast deep well of ancient knowledge waiting to be heard by YOU. Sink into relaxation and peace as I play the crystal singing bowls for you, blanketing you in magical frequencies. 432 hz healing, organic frequencies, syncing with your brainwaves slowing those waves down into healing theta, alpha and Delta states, producing healing neruo-chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine soothing body, mind, and soul.

Find comfort in your own personal space, free to be just as you are, free to be still, free to move, free to be silent, or free to make noise, there is just you here...allow what is ready for healing to surface in the comfort of your own home.

To schedule your Video Call please contact me directly via text at:  905-376-6744 or e-mail me at:

Payment is require at time of booking. You may pay here using the PayPal buttons on this page below, or you may also pay by sending an e-transfer to the above e-mail address with instructions of who & what the payment is for.

I will give clients call instructions once appointment calls are booked and paid for.

To learn more about crystal singing bowls click here.

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30 min. Live Sound Meditation Video Call
45 min. Live Sound Meditation Video Call
60 min. Live Sound Meditation Video Call

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All live chats must be booked with me directly they are not built into my online calendar.

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