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Live Homecare Video Call

This service is an excellent option for those who can't physically get in for a hands on treatment. Over these calls  I can help with relieving stress and tension in the body, provide education and understanding of ones current condition, provide much needed advise of how to reduce pain and other symptoms in the body, give tips for self massage, stretches and other self-care practices that would be of benefit.

 As a Registered Massage Therapist, one of the aspects of my practice is client education and prescribing home-care instruction. Which includes informing the client of why they are experiencing pain and discomforts in their body, which muscles are involved, why they are involved, what actions that muscle or group of muscles preform and how they can modify their daily activity to reduce pain and discomfort, to improve postural alignment and overall muscle health. One of the ways this is done is through verbal & visual assessment. An open conversation between client and therapist takes place where client explains their current complaint, and the therapist asks an array of questions investigating the complaint. Additionally visual assessment such as range of motion testing is also used in this compilation in order to gain a broader understanding of what is physically happening in the clients body. The Therapist then organizes this subjective and objective information to creates an action plan of home-care recommendations that the client can follow on their own to improve their current condition.

This service is an excellent option for those who can't physically get in for a hands on treatment, or just need some quick accessible advice.

The longer duration of the call the more in depth we can go.  I will go into more visual demonstrations of the prescribed home-care, the client can actively participate in and follow along with me during the call.

In addition documentation and or images to support the action plan laid out during the video call may be emailed to the client to assist with home-care instruction clarity.

Invoices will be e-mailed to the client. New clients will be required to fill out a Health History Form in advance.

To schedule your Video Call please contact me directly via text message at 905-376-6744 or by e-mail at:

as not all of these time options are defaulted in my online calendar.

Payment is require at time of booking. You may pay here using the PayPal buttons on this page below, or you may also pay by sending an e-transfer to the above e-mail address with instructions of who & what the payment is for.

I will give clients call instructions once appointment calls are booked and paid for.

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All live chats must be booked with me directly they are not built into my online calendar.

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