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Crystal Singing Bowls – Ancient Medicine

The human body is made up largely of water. Water is an amazing amplifier of sound making the human body is like a sponge to sound. As sound travels through a medium such as water, it gets absorbed, caught by the molecules within the medium. The acoustic energy of the sound wave causes the molecules of the medium to start vibrating. Depending what type of sound the human body is surrounded by and exposed to will determine the frequency of vibration, healthy or unhealthy, the human body entrains with the sounds around it.

Our human bodies can go out of tune with exposure to our modern-day sound pollutions. Sound waves create vibrations and transmit energy into anything they come into contact with, which is the most basic principle of sound work. Vibration is quite similar to massage on a subtler level. Frequencies create energy, more flexibility, can help unblock that which is stuck or ridged in our systems. Sound can work on our whole system: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Some ways we can re-tune our human bodies can include: spending quiet time out in nature, especially near bodies of water, or with sacred sound, such as with the crystal singing bowls.

Crystal singing bowls are made from 99.99% pure quartz crystal. Quartz crystal produces pure tones derived from organic crystal from the earth. The quartz crystal signing bowls resonate at a 432hz sound frequency, which is a very healing frequency for the human body. The cells of the human body have a natural relationship geometrically to the structure of quartz crystals. Our DNA, blood, bones and the colloidal fluid of our brain all align with quartz crystals inherent structure. This alignment allows for the re-tuning of the body, physically and energetically.

As the sound frequencies of the crystal singing bowls are absorbed by the fluids in the brain, the resonance relays an order that allows consciousness to travel into altered states of awareness, slowing the brainwaves from gamma and beta waves, which are our peak focus and alert states, down into alpha, theta, and delta waves which are our relaxation, meditation and healing sleep waves. The sound waves can activate the brain to release neuro-chemicals such as endorphins and hormones that can potentially reduce pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stimulate a will to overcome limitations.

~Nourishing yourself with regular sacred sound sessions with the crystal singing bowls can quite successfully bring your body, mind, and soul into a more stable, grounded and healthy alignment, re-tuned to a higher frequency.~

I invite you to come experience sound healing for yourself. For more information, fees and booking click this link to bring you to the Sound Therapy tab.

I  also hold Group Sound Meditation which are incredible, very powerful and enlightening experiences, click here to learn more.